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Stack of Tires

What you need to know

Computer wheel balancer

Initial Contact

Contact us via messenger, phone or email.

Be sure to have your tyre measurements handy.  Click here to read more.

Pick your wheels and tyres, receive a quote, book in a day and time.

Note that we do request a 50% deposit for odd sizes or special orders for rims and tyres.


We require a flat area for your vehicle and our truck.

Our truck requires an area approximately 6 meters in length and 3 meters wide.

We require adequate room to work around your vehicle.

We require access to power (or advise us beforehand if this is not available).

If you do not have adequate space, let us know and we can advise a convenient location for you to attend.

On The Day

We will arrive and ensure it is safe and there is sufficient room for us to work.


  1. General inspection of all tyres, including spare.

  2. Raise vehicle and remove wheels and tyres.

  3. Remove old tyres off the rim, if applicable.

  4. Fit new wheels & tyres (or fit new tyres to rims).

  5. Balance new tyre and rim assembly. 

  6. Check all tyre pressures.

  7. Re-fit back onto your vehicle.

How we work (front page links here)



To ensure you get the best out of your new tyres we include a wheel balance as part of the process.

The cost of any wheels or tyres will be on top of this, and will vary depending on what you choose.

*Advise us if you wish to keep your old tyres or dispose of them yourself.


Within the first 7 days, if you feel any shakes or vibrations or something doesn't feel right, give us a call and we will sort it out for you.   

Note that all tyres and wheels do come with their own warranty offered by the manufacturer.  This may vary between manufacturers.

Note, after 50-100km you should check and retorque the wheel nuts.

Need Help?

Have any questions or ready to make a booking? 

Contact Us Now!

Alloy wheel on tyre fitting machine
Stack of Tires

How to read your tyre size

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To download a free PDF version of this information sheet, click the download button

Information chart on how to read your tyre size on the sidewall of the tyre
Image by Goh Rhy Yan

"Tyres are the single most important thing on your vehicle as they are what connects you to the road.  Just think about that for a second ... your 4 tyres are all that there is to keep your vehicle safely on the road.  Wrong or poorly maintained tyres can affect safety, performance and longevity."  

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