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Frequently Asked Questions

What if something doesn't feel right after my fitting?

Within the first 7 days, if you feel any shakes or vibrations or something just doesn't feel right, give us a call and we will sort it out for you.   Note that all tyres and wheels do also come with their own warranty offered by the manufacturer.  This may vary between manufacturers.

How much room to you need to work?

Our truck requires an area approximately 6 meters in length and 3 meters wide.

We require adequate room to work around your vehicle.

We require access to power (or advise us beforehand if this is not available).

If you do not have adequate space, let us know and we can advise a convenient location for you to attend.

What vehicles do you work on?

We are able to work on most makes and models of vehicles, including trucks with wheels up to 16 inches in diameter.  We also work on caravans, motorhomes and car trailers.

What tyre pressure should I run?

There is no one answer for this.  Each vehicle will be different, depending on the type of vehicle, the weight and the tyre itself.  A good starting point is to refer to what your vehicle manufacturer recommended by checking the tyre placard which you will normally find inside the driver's door, fuel filler cap or glove box (or consult your owners manual).  Note that replacing with different tyres/different size can have an affect on the pressure to run.  Feel free to ask us if you aren't sure.

When should my tyres be replaced?

The legal minimum tread depth for tyres in Australia is 1.5mm.   Apart from the obvious low tread, other warning signs that your tyres may need replacing are cracks on the tread/sidewall or bulge on the sidewall.  Uneven wearing (eg centre wearing quicker than the shoulders or vice versa) could mean you need a wheel alignment or have the wrong pressures and over time this will mean the need to replace tyres sooner rather than later.

What comes with fitting?

All fitting includes new tyre valves and wheel balancing.  To ensure you get the best out of your new tyres we include a wheel balance as part of the process.

Do you offer Steel and Alloy wheels?

Yes we can offer either.  Alloy wheels can significantly change the look of a vehicle and there are many different options to suit everyone's taste, style and budget.  If it's Steel wheels you are after, we have a range of these that we can offer aswell.

Do you offer custom wheels and custom offsets?

We understand that every customer has different needs and if you require a custom offset we can help with this.

Do you offer and fit low profile tyres?

Yes we can provide low profile tyres.

Can I legally change my wheels and tyres from factory standard?

Each vehicle comes with a standard size wheel for the vehicle (in some cases there may be a range).  Whilst this is recommended, the RMS (in NSW) does allow the fitting of wheels outside of the range, providing they comply with their regulations.   Note that it is illegal to install tyres on a vehicle which have a lower load rating index than the vehicle manufacturer's original tyre fitment.  If you aren't sure of the legalities, contact the RMS (or equivalent authority in your state) or give us a call to discuss. 

Do you torque up wheel nuts?

Yes, all wheel nuts are torqued up after fitting.  Note, after 50-100km you should check and retorque the wheel nuts. 

How can I pay?


Note that we do request a 50% deposit for odd sizes or special orders for rims and tyres.

What happens to my old tyres?

We are committed to caring for the environment and following Government regulations by ensuring that your old tyres are disposed of correctly.   Feel free to ask us about this.  When replacing your tyres you will incur an additional fee which covers the cost involved in tyre disposal.  

Photo of Hastings Wheels & Tyres truck

How do I know what size tyres I have?

The size is printed onto the side of each tyre, known as the sidewall.  It will be made up of a series of numbers and letters, eg 215/60 R16 95V.  

Most vehicles are also fitted with a tyre placard which you will normally find inside the driver's door, or sometimes in the fuel filler cap or glove box.  This will provide details of the original and optional tyres and rims for that vehicle model. 

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